About QCAN

Quincy Climate Action Network is a group of Quincy residents and others taking action against climate change. Knowing that we must act locally to meet this global challenge, QCAN has been monitoring our city government’s progress towards greater energy efficiency, working to put more solar panels on city rooftops, and empowering Quincy residents to lower their electric bills — among many other activities.

Please join us in our effort to be the Cleaner, Greener Community we know we CAN be!

Mission Statement: QCAN works to preserve and protect both the coastal environment and the global environment for future generations by promoting energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy by private citizens, business, and government. We will accomplish this through direct action, education and advocacy.

Background: Quincy Climate Action Network came together in early 2012 in response to two events: the city’s abandonment of plans for a 1.5 megawatt wind turbine and a draft ordinance that would severely restrict residential solar energy in the city.

Current Officers:
Sarah Belfort: Treasurer
Ross Edwards: Secretary/Board Member
David Reich: Board Chair
Maggie McKee: Board Member
Susan Kane: Board Member
Sarah Montague: Board Member

Past Officers:
Patti Keville: Founding Chair
Rebecca McWilliams: Past Chair
Martha Plotkin: Past Treasurer, Past Board Member
Dick Leonard: Past Board Member
David Reich: Past Secretary
Robert Baker: Past Board Member

How to get more information: QCAN welcomes new members. To learn more, attend our monthly meeting (guests are welcome), or contact us by email at info@QuincyCAN.org.

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