Community Solar Organizations

Yeloha (for profit) —

Sells “solar subscriptions” to households wanting power generated on another homeowner’s roof. Also installs free solar panels on households with roofs that are well-sited for solar, in return for to a portion of the power generated by the free array.

Cloud Solar (for profit) —

Sells panels at a solar PV farm sited at a remote location. The purchaser gets the tax benefits and the power generated by his or her panels.

Solstice Initiative (nonprofit) —

Sells power from community solar installations.

Nexamp (for profit) —

Sells power from community solar installations.

Clean Energy Collective (for profit) —

Offers clean power-generation through medium-scale facilities that are collectively owned by participating utility customers.

Solar Sales & Installation

Solar Flair Energy (for profit) —

Designs and installs solar electric and hot water systems for homes, businesses, and governments.

Solar City (for profit) —

Sells/leases and installs solar systems for homes, businesses, and governments.

Tree Giveaway Program

Greening the Gateway Cities

Plants free trees in specific parts of Quincy, as well as other cities across the state, in a program run by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Visit the website to see if you qualify for free trees, and if you do, sign up for the free planting service so you can save energy, clean our air and water, and beautify our city.

Other Resources

Mass Save (nonprofit) —

Provides information on energy audits for homes and businesses. Also provides referrals for businesses and homeowners who want energy audits for their property.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (quasi-state agency) —

Provides early-stage investments to startup companies, funds renewable energy rebates for residents and businesses

Green Energy Consumers Alliance (nonprofit) —

Founded in 1982. Sells green electricity and discounted heating oil, including biodiesel; provides tips on energy efficiency. Runs an electric vehicle discount program that makes going electric easier for you.

HEET (nonprofit) —

Offers comprehensive efficiency upgrades to nonprofits in Cambridge, Boston, Salem and Quincy who own their buildings.

Electric Vehicles For Use In Municipal Fleets

Massachusetts state subsidies to cities and towns that switch to EVs and/or build charging stations:

EVs in use in municipal fleets:


Natural Gas, Pipelines, and Compressor Stations

FRRACS and opposition to the planned Fore River Compressor Station —

Greenhouse gas emissions from burning natural gas vs. greenhouse gas emissions from burning coal —

Video of Curt Nordgaard, MD, discussing his research on the health effects of living near a compressor station — Part 1: ; Part 2: ; Part 3:

Massachusetts attorney general’s report finds no need for new gas infrastructure —

Recycling and Composting

Anaerobic digestion of organic waste FAQs —

Converting food waste to energy using anaerobic digestion —

Cambridge pilot curbside food waste collection, soon to go citywide —

EPA info on energy saved by recycling plastics, paper, metals, and glass, including an online energy savings calculator —

EPA info on greenhouse gas reduction and other benefits of composting —

Fact sheet on composting and greenhouse gas reduction —

Stanford University FAQ on energy savings from recycling —

Wind Power

Prospects for offshore wind in Massachusetts and other East Coast states:

Advances in offshore wind turbines —

Enabling legislation in Massachusetts —

Eversource buys in —

Offshore wind ramps up on East Coast —

New Bedford as the staging area —