Heat Pumps 101, January 19 @ 7 pm

Learn from experts from Quincy Climate Action Network, Massachusetts Green Energy Alliance, and Mass Save program implementer ICF how a heat pump can help you decarbonize your home. The panelists will cover details about heat pump types, cost (including incentive programs), pros and cons, and green energy sourcing.

Join us online (Zoom meeting ID 872 8068 5757) or call (646) 558-8656 and use the same meeting ID to listen to the audio. You may also view the program live on the Thomas Crane Public Library YouTube channel. (If you RSVP to the event you will receive a reminder with the link.)

Please email info@QuincyCAN.org if you would like to request a Mandarin or Cantonese translator for the event.

Co-Sponsored by Quincy Climate Action Network, Massachusetts Green Energy Consumers Alliance, and Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.

热泵 101



在线加入(Zoom会议号872 8068 5757)或拨打(646)558-8656,使用同一个会议号收听音频。您也可以在Thomas Crane公共图书馆的YouTube频道上观看该计划的直播。(如果您回复了该活动,您也会收到一个带有链接的提醒。)