Harvard Graduate Student Presents Greenhouse Gas Inventory

January 10, 2020

The office of Quincy Energy Manager Shelly Dein hosted a presentation last night by Harvard Extension School graduate student Vanessa Goh of her inventory of current greenhouse gas emissions generated within city limits – along with a proposed mitigation plan. This type of report helps set a baseline for all the sources of our community’s emissions so that we can set – and hopefully meet – future targets.

Goh covered emissions from buildings and energy (59% by her estimate), transportation (32%), and waste (9%) and outlined a range of targeted activities within each sector that could bring down these emissions. While it was produced as a student capstone project, the report states that the reduction plan can serve as a “resource for research on emissions strategies that Quincy can develop into a future Climate Action Plan or Carbon Neutrality Plan.”

The evening was well attended by city officials from multiple departments, Quincy residents, and representatives from Harvard’s Sustainability Program. QCAN is thankful for Vanessa’s hard work and is eager to see the next steps that emerge from this project.